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On a deprived council estate in North London, Leroy, a socially awkward misfit, finally realises his passion for dancing after finding a mixtape in his dead grandfather's belongings.

Director: Marley Morrison

Producer: Michelle Antoniades

Production Company: Hazey Jane Films

Starring: Nathan Byron, Vera Chok, Adam Colborne

The score for this film required a mix of funk and 90s elements. I originally wrote the track "Get Down" for the trailer for Leroy, before being brought on board by Marley and Michelle to score the film. Leroy was successfully crowd funded and is our first collaboration, with plans to work on future films in 2017 and beyond.

Musicians: Jason Page (Guitar), Michelle Antoniades (Vocals), Richard Norris (bass)

Awards: Emerging Talent - Nathan Bryon, British Urban Film Festival (2017)

Award Nominations: Best Short Film, British Urban Film Festival (2018), Best British Short & Youth Jury Award, Iris Prize Festival (2017), Best Of British Shorts, Queer Vision (2017)

Screenings: London Short Film Festival (2018), Iris Prize Festival (2017), Underwire Festival (2017), Aesthetica Short Film Festival (2017), British Urban Film Festival (2017), Encounters Film Festival (2017), Queer Vision Film Festival (2017), Leeds Queer Film Festival (2017)